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From the beginning, I was dedicated towards building quality, custom, handmade turkey calls. My calls are built with a lot of pride. Calls that I build never leave the shop unless they meet my high standard of realistically reproducing the sounds of wild turkeys. My signature on each call is your guarantee that you are receiving a quality product.

- Bruce A. Wurth -

The Short Box
From American Friction

Callmaker Bruce A. Wurth has a keen ear for the raspy scratch call tones that set fire to a gobbler’s nervous system; that make him gobble & make him come in. this tonal quality is in his paddle box, in his glass call & now in the new short box. Each is hand made & tuned for classic beauty & the urgent business of calling gobblers.
The short box is crafted from a single piece of walnut & features a purpleheart lid. At 81/2” it is sized like a standard box call but is built like a paddle box. Each is hand tuned to perfection & the sound quality is as good as it gets. These box calls are signed in gold with born on date.

An Award Winning Paddle Box Call

This call comes in either a Yellow Poplar or Handuran Mahogany Box with an Aromatic Red Cedar Lid. Judged for its turkey tonality replication quality, the CUT-N-PADDLE™ paddle box call has won numerous awards, first place ribbons, and the National Wild Turkey Federation’s Grand National Log Box Championship.

Custom made Glass Call & Striker

This glass call is the result of over a year of research, development, and testing. We did this at American Friction to bring you the best sounding glass call on the market today. Loud or soft, this raspy call inspires reaction from wild turkeys. From its fiery cuts to perfect purrs, this is the hottest glass call on the market.

Custom Leather Holster

Crafted from a heavy gauge American cowhide, this holster is rugged and dependable. This holster is constructed to hold the call snug, keeping your paddle box call clean, quiet, and secure.

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Revolutionary handcrafted two-sided Black Walnut friction call. This call is truly one of a kind. It comes with two calling surfaces, slate or glass. Sounds vary from very raspy to high frequency clear calls. Includes a mushroom hard maple laminate striker.


This custom handcrafted call is not only beautiful, but it is perhaps the most ear piercing high frequency call ever. Included is a hard maple laminate striker.

MIDWEST 2001 Series Limited Edition
By Blodgett World Class Calls

In commemoration of the 2001 Spring Turkey Season MIDWEST is offering this custom designed glass over glass turkey call produced by Harry Blodgett. It has all the quality features that have made his calls famous. The beauty of high polish laser engraved, black walnut comes together with the outstanding acoustic qualities of Blodgett’s glass over glass sound chamber. Two note yelps break crispy & consistently across the acid etched glass surface. Cutts are sharp & strong, purrs & clucks effortless. MIDWEST’S Old Gobbler’ Logo is laser engraved on the bottom & the sound board under the striking surface is sunburst yellow. Comes with tulip wood striker for extra rasp & Blodgett’s conditioning slate rock. CALL TODAY to reserve one for your 2001 Spriing Hunt.


This handcrafted American Walnut Pot with an acoustically designed sound chamber is perhaps the world's most versatile Friction call. You have a high range of calling, from loud to very seductive calls. Comes with a mushroom hard maple laminate striker.

Camp Callers
Camp Slate & Glass Calls

We mill our Slate Calls from a solid block of Honduras mahogany. Each piece of slate is hand-ground to exactly the proper thickness & sealed iin place with a solid bead of the highest grade silicon. A glass resonator is placed under the slate. The calling surface of the slate is hand-sanded so it comes out of the package ready to use. Our Slate Caller is a meduim high-pitch, double-note caller with some raspiness on the tail end of the yelp. It is excellent for producing soft clucks & purrs as well as loud cutts & yelps. Comes with a maple striker.

Glass Turkey Caller: While many of today's glass callers are tedious to use, our's is not. As a matter of fact, our Glass Caller operates as easily as a good slate. Like our Slate Caller, this caller has a Honduras mahogany base & a glass reflector under the sanded glass surface. It produces great, gritty hen turkey yelps! comes with a maple striker.

Poplar Box

For those who prefer a clear sounding box, our Polar Box should be your choice. This is a true double-note caller that contains just a little raspiness near the end of the yelp. Built with yellow poplar sides, mahogany bottom & maple lid. This caller is as attractive as it is functional.


Screamin HEN BOX

We craft this box from black walnut, Honduras mahogany & maple. The Screamin' Hen Box produces extra loud, keen, raspy notes totally different from conventional boxes. It is the uniqueness of sound that makes the Screamin' Hen so effective, especially on hard-hunted turkeys that have "heard it all." And, the extra volume makes this an excellent locating caller. As a matter of fact, turkeys often gobble at the notes of a Screamin' Hen when all else fails. This is the last box you will ever need.


Pro Custom Slate
Pro Custom Glass
Pro Custom Aluminum

The Pro Custom Slate and Glass Calls are handcrafted one at a time. The slate and glass is housed in yellow poplar with a unique sound chamber to give exact sounds of the wild turkey.

Complete with hand-tuned hardwood striker. They just may be the most realistic Friction Calls on the market.
So realistic they were used to win the 1996 US Open Friction Championship.

Cane Creek Box Call

This is a doublesided box call handcrafted of choice yellow poplar and cherry. These calls are tuned and tested before packaging. They will make all calls of the wild turkey from soft yelps and clucks to loud, harsh cutts and cackles.

Introducing Cody ‘Woodsman’

Wild Turkey sounds born in the woods, flow effortlessly from the striker & surface of this new walnut pot friction call from Cody. The range of volume & tone is extensive. From quiet high pitch young hen notes to loud raspy boss hen yelps & cutts, the ‘Woodsman’ delivers. New contoured pot rim balances easily in hand. Includes cody heavy hickory striker.

Mossy Oak®Wood Pot

The Mossy Oak® logo is featured on the surface of this glass call. Wood sound chamber gives high pitch, double tone rasp. Red Oak pot. Includes Heavy hickory striker and dressing stone.

Cody II Wood Pot

Cody calls are handmade and hand turned to be the best money can buy. Walnut wood pot and heavy hickory striker. Favored by guides and professional callers throughout the country.

Cody Strikers

Heavy Hickory

Our Heavy Hickory striker was designed and proven by Cody. It’s our standard striker and works on all calls.

Light Hickory

Our Light Hickory Striker has a light barrel which produces a higher pitch.

All Weather Wizard

Our All Weather Wizard Striker works well in all types of weather and on all calls
(it’s magic).

Carbon Tipped Hickory

Our Carbon Tipped Hickory Striker is new, but proven like always. With the combination of hickory and carbon you can forget about those damp mornings on your slate call-they will just be a memory.


Very good striker. Will take a good call from an 8 to 10. Works well with our World Class and Spec 1 calls.

Cody Envy Wood Pot

The Cody Envy is constructed with a laminated wood ‘wafer’ as a sounding board. This wafer gives the pot a different structural integrity than the Cody 11, enabling a higher pitch sound. Walnut pot and heavy hickory striker.

Custom Field Box Call

Single-sided box call is crafted from acoustical superior mahogany and zebra wood. Each is handcrafted and tuned by Craig himself. the call has an oil finish and is signed & dated. Realistic high-pitch turkey sounds will surely excite the wary old gobbler.

Sassafras Screamer

The Sassafras Screamer is a small, single-sided box call crafted from sassafras & walnut with a purple heart paddle; oil, finish. This call produces extremely raspy, high-pitch sounds. Signed & dated by Craig Schultz.

by Ron Clough
‘Lil’ Boss

Close Calls has done it again with this KILLER pocket size MINI all RED CEDAR ‘Lil’ Boss. This super sweet call has the seductive high pitch of a young hen in heat – the sound an Old Gobbler finds too tempting to resist. Wood burned artwork shows the ‘Lil’ Boss with the words that say it all – “Let the Hunt Begin”. Order today, the 1st 100 will be signed & numbered.

Midwest 2002 Collectors Limited Edition

Collectors are sure to “GOBBLE-UP” MIDWEST’S year 2002 LIMITED EDITION. Made by MASTER CALL MAKER Ron Clough of Close Calls – It is a totally NEW DESIGN with lid & body made of VERMONT APPLEWOOD. This beautiful sounding & looking cal is highlighted by Dual Mother of Pearl inlays in the lid further enhanced with a turkey feather nested between the inlays & an acron on the handle. Front side features two gobbler’s gobbling at Midwest 2002. Only 50 of these will be made. Ron’s calls are well known by the collectors as investment grade calls which always increase in value. Each is signed, dated & numbered on the walnut base. ORDER TODAY!

TheSpring Fever

The Turkey World’s Premier Custom Call Maker locked himself in his workshop & wouldn’t come out until he had totally reinvented the Paddle Box. Check out the awesome beauty and unique design of this call. It’s a beefed up version of his original Spring Fever. It’s designed to be even louder and more irritating to the boss hens. No other call of its’ kind can match it for Shock Gobbler Power. Made of quarter sawn sycamore & heart walnut with a fine finish & wood burned art, each is signed and dated by the Master Call Maker. A beauty for the woods or the collector’s shelf.

Close Calls “Huntin’ Box”

Another great new box call – This is one of Ron’s finest “Meat” calls. It’s for the guy who says – I just want one easy to use, that will call in a turkey! No finish, no painting, nothing but a killer old hen sound. Here it is – One side walnut for deep raspy yelp & the other side plus the lid of rain forest, purpleheart. The purpleheart side is higher pitch due to harder wood, producing a totally new & demanding yelp.

The Super Hooter

This was Midwest’s ‘Surprise’ top seller in last year’s catalog! With the LOUDEST, most aggressive & sheer ease to use features this super locator call was voted "Rookie of the Year" by the turkeys, turkey hunters & a panel of impartial owls! Made from a tube of Black Walnut, each call comes with a lanyard and is signed by the maker. If you "Give a Hoot" he will surely GOBBLE!

Hand-Turned All Wood Pot
signed by Craftsman

New 2001-Two Models to choose from

Wild Cherry Slate over Glass: One of MIDWEST'S strongest sellers is the call that started it all - my "DOUBLE TROUBLE SLATE". Made of Red Cedar & imported Portuguese slate over slate. It is known through the turkey hunting fraternity as the BEST call in the woods, bar none! I now offer a new version of this call with a variation - made of Maryland Wild Cherry and slate over glass. The Cedar pot is known for its' awesome mellow old hen rasp. The Wild Cherry version with the glass sounding board has a distinctive sharper more penetrating sound, a killer change of pace call. It too is hand turned on my lathe. They might resist one, but they can't resist both. If you got the original you know you want to add the WILD CHERRY.


World’s Finest Field Grade Box Call. 1st of its’ kind. A 1 sided walnut box. Highlighted by a poplar accent panel with a slate call built into the bottom. Fire that Old Gobbler up with the box & finish him off with the slate. You’ve never seen and he’s never heard anything like it. Includes striker. Lasered logo and signed by maker.

Gibson Custom Calls
Red Oak and Walnut Slate & Glass Calls

A totally unique sound chamber developed by callmaker Darryl Gibson enables the wide range of calling available from his new wood pot style friction call. A soft and clear breaking hen note can be made within an inch of the pot’s rim. Move a little further toward the center for a loud, raspy locating yelp. Good gobbler clucks & fighting purrs are made at the calls center. These slate & glass calls are made on at a time, using wood that is selected for color & grain. Three coats of finish, with sandwing after each are applied to the calls to seal & protect the wood. Each call & striker carries Gibson’s two-ring signature design. Choose from walnut or red oak pots. Calls come with matched strikers. Strikers are available separate. Stem diameter is from 280-300 inches.

Joseph Vaughn's calls are 'custom' by definition - Each call is handcrafted one at a time and hand matched to the striker for a superior tone and clarity. Each model offers a distinct pitch and tone.
Crystal Field Pot
The crystal playing surface is over a small diameter glass sound board, mounted in a beautiful
Chinaberry pot. A sweet caller that yelps as good at low volume as it does at high.


The original call and the raspiest with a high front end breaking off to good rasp.

New design of glass over slate gives a perfect full voice hen yelp from high breaking to lower raspy.
Will be a new sound in the woods this spring.

Slate over Glass
Mellow, lower pitched with good break from high to low.

Sassy Crystal
Crystal over wood yields that ultra-high pitch, clear yelp that is such a good locator.

Excellent breaking yelp. Comes with a hardwood striker and stone conditioner. Placed 3rd in 1998
US Open Friction. A high grade call for the discriminating hunter.
Enticer Glass

Enticer Slate

Vaughn’s Limited Wormy Chestnut Sets

Vanished before our generations could know it, the chestnut was a majestic forest tree of America. Relics of wood are still found in the beams of early barns and homes pf the Eastern States. The pots of this limited edition come from these woods. The rich brown color, raised grain and occasional worm hole combined with Vaughn’s craftsmanship & high luster finish to form a beautiful sound chamber. If you buy them for hunting be assured a sweet double note hen voice lies within. Two pots; double glass & slate over glass, two strikers and conditioning stone. Each call is signed, numbered & dated.

This box call is crafted by Jerry White to the exact specifications of the famous Neil Cost box call. The box is hewn from a solid block of mahogany. Base board & paddle are cherry. We chose I this wood combination because it is unmatched in producing the most genuine hen note, high on one side of the box, raspy & lower on the other. Maple inlay and hand checkering on the sides & lid are traditional elements of craftsmanship. A pewter inlay of a turkey track adorns the paddle hand. Collectors will appreciate the finely detailed, custom handwork evident in all aspects of this box, but it is also built strong & tuned closely for years of hunting service in the woods. Each box call is hand made, tuned, signed & numbered by Jerry “Dad” White for Mid- West Turkey Call Supply.


The K.I.T.S Signature Series box call, an original design of Kim Tipton, presents an extroardinary amount of strength, beauty and good sound. The base and paddle are rounded to provide a comfortable hold. Woods used are hand picked . Boxes are matched to paddles and each box is hand tuned with meteculous detail to pitch and tone. These boxes have a solid heft and feel, and carry a 100% Lifetime Guarantee from the manufacturer.

'Stradivarius' WALNUT BOX

A great all around walnut box call that sounds super new and just keeps getting better with age and use, as the paddle marries to the sidewalls, guided by the personal stroke of the caller. You won't want to 'loan' out this box. Good for clucks, purrs and raspy yelps.

'Feather Touch' CHERRY BOX CALL

As the name, 'Feather Touch' implies the cherry box can operate with the lightess stroke for quiet yelps. But hwen pressure is applied, the tone of the call rises in pitch and rasp with very little effort. An excellent call for hard cutting and raspy yelps.

Deadly Deva

Deadly on Gobblers! The course, raspy tone makes this aggressive yelper a great locator call. Unique handle design allows easy upright use for cutting & yelping in paddle call style. Laser engraved turkey feather on purpleheart paddle. Solid mahogany box. Signed by call maker.

'Lil Jenny' Game Calls
Lebanon, MO
EZ Cutter Box Call

For the excited cutting calls of a hen turkey, that are sharp, consistent, & unbelievebly easy to make, this revolutionary new box call is in a class alone. The paddle of this one-sider box call is set on a fixed pivot. this design makes it easy to tap out loud & aggressive cutts. Also yelps, purrs & clucks. EZ Cutter is smaller & higher pitched with a lot of sharp edge sound. A slate call for finish work is built into the side. Striker included. Walnut & mahogany. 6" box

Big EZ Cutter Box Call

Big EZ Cutter gives a deeper & fuller cutting of an older hen. Same fixed pivot paddle & ease of operation. Walnut and mahogany. 7 1/2" box.

The Walnut Hooter

The Walnut Hooter is a simple to use, open-chamber owl hooter with lots of volume. Slate inset on the back makes grreat purrs, clucks & soft yelps. Attached lanyard. Striker included.

Martin Brothers
Gobblers Choice™ Turkey Calls

designed by J.D. "Peck" Martin, McMechen WV 28 Time NWTF Award Winner


The american Chestnut was a premiere lumber and nut producing forest tree until the early 1900's when a blight killed most of the Chestnut trees in the United States.
Much of the wood used in the Martin Chestnut box call comes from barns, and rail fences over 100 years old. The durable nature of the wood continues to provide usable lumber today.
Each Chestnut box has its own distinct character by virtue of the unduplicated worm holes in many of the calls. Through hours of experimentation, wild cherry wood was found to be the most compatible with chestnut and was chosen as the paddle wood. Together, the Chestnut and the Cherry produce a unique & realistic turkey call tone.


Sweet & Sassy Sassafras Box Call

Offers the veteran, or new prospect turkey hunter a call that will produce sweet soft yelps or a sassy, raspy tone for aggressive calling techniques. The Sassafras box is complimented with a walnut lid.


Butternut & Walnut Box Call

Two of America's premium hardwoods join together to produce the most authentic turkey talk available in a box call today. The Butternut Box Call is enhanced with a Black Walnut lid, bottom & core blocks.
This handsome combination will quickly become the all time favorite in your turkey hunting arsenal.


Nitro Co.
Gilboa, NY
Nitro Hen Box

The Nitro hen box produces realistic wild hen yelps, clucks, cutting, caskles, purrs, gobbler yelps & gobbles. The right side of the box produces the old boss hen raspy sounds & gobbler yelps, where the left side produces higher pitched sounds of the younger hen. This call has been designed to reproduce the sound and quality of master call maker, Tom Turpin's hen box. Just like the older style hen box, our box produces sounds in the same manner, by cocking the lid and putting pressure against the screw. the box is made out of exotic wenge wood and lid is made out of hard maple. All of our box calls are handmade & tuned.

Nitro Box Call

This new introduction from Ray Filogomo of Nitro, Co. is a very aggressive turkey caller. Super raspy, demanding yelps are easy to make. Loud excited cutting can also be done from either side of the box. Solid mahogany box & purpleheart paddle combine for a heavy duty combination. Like nitro Ray says "Playtime is over" when you fire up this box.

Li'l Huzzy Box Call

100% Pure Wild Turkey! Grand National & World Champion Short Box. Designed with low profile so it can be held with one hand with thumb on the lid and struck by the other for excited cutting, clucks & fly down cackles. Signed and numbered. Don't be fooled by the imitations. 2 wood combinations available.

Purpleheart paddle/Walnut body

Pecan paddle/Teak body

Carolina Assassin II

Composite "True" Crystal Friction Call...

With slate soft-call feature on back, and true crystal on front, the Carolina Assassin II has a unique sound chamber that is bedded with the highest quality pure slate. It is crafted from a compressed hard wood compound & epoxy resin giving it the consistency & durability of plastic but with the sound & feel of natural wood. Each one is still hand turned, the vital characteristic of a true custom call.

Carolina Long Box

Three-time Grand National Long Box Champion. Handcrafted of South Carolina Poplar with hand illustrated Carolina Red Cedar lid. Signed & numbered. Best long box made. Feathers will fly.

Pure Poison II

Composite "True" Crystal Friction Call...

Crafted of a hard wood epoxy compound composite with special compound resonators make it the raspiest & deadliest crystal call on the market. comes with Battoo striker & conditioning stick.

Ridgemaster Turkey Calls

Reedsville, PA
"Beginning a Tradition"
Chestnut Paddle
Laser Engraved Box Call

The Original 'Ridgemaster' Box Call has delivered excellent results to hunters for many years. Laser carved American Chestnut paddle & walnut box, this call produces excellent yelps, clucks, cackles, gobbles & purrs. Gobblers can't resist its' high pitch rasp. Double sided for two tones. Laser carving of gobblers' head on chestnut paddle is a distinct feature of this box call you are sure to enjoy. Includes chalk, silencer felt, and complete instructions that tell "how to" & "when to use" for hen and gobbler calls.

Roberts Brothers Turkey Calls
Oakwood, CA
Specialinzing in glass and slate turkey calls coated with a NEW True-Grip Non-Slip finish.
This total calling kit includes:
made with glass on the front & Pennsylvania Slate on the back. It is coated with a new True-Grip Non-Slip finish that allows you to grip the call, even with gloves. The call has two gripping grooves, which also doubles as a lanyard ring. Easy to use with smooth breaking yelps, cutting, clucks & purrs onboth calling surfaces.
Hardwood Striker- made with a 5/16 hardwood shaft, a wooden top, and a stone conditioner mounted into the top for the glass side of the call.
All Weather Striker - has a wooden top and a highest quality solid aluminum peg. Also it is topped with a stone conditioner.
Camo Lanyard - has two ends; one end fits around the call & the other end around one striker. The lanyard also has a slip bead for adjusting around your neck.
Sandpaper, Slate & striker conditioner. Instructions.

Roberts Brother Calling Kits Are Now
Available In Four New Styles!

#RB220 – Pro Hunter Realtree Hardwood TM
#RB210 – Pro Hunter Advantage Timber TM
#RB203 – Pro Hunter African Walnut

#RB400 – Ultimate Wormy Chestnut


Learn to use the Wingbone Yelper!
Tones are clear & sharp. Excellent craftsmanship.

Jim Young’s Turned Yelpers

Hand crafted quality is evident in these new hand turned yelpers from wingbone callmaker Jim Young. His new design of contrasting wood types for body & bell makes a stringly beautiful yelper. Turkey wingbone mouthpieces are handpicked by Young for flatness at the end, resulting in a yelper that is easy to use. A .308 brass shell casing connects body & mouthpiece. Woods are sealed for protection & luster. This is an impressive yelper you will be proud to display and hunt with.

Choose from 3 Wood Combinations

LEFT: #JY10 Central American Tulip Body & Bloodwood Bell.
MIDDLE: #JY11 Honduras Rosewood Body Brazil Rosewood Bell.
RIGHT: #JY12 Bloodwood Body, Central American Tulip Bell.

Two Bone Calls
Nice sounds for close in wingbone calling. Fits in pocket, waterproof. Instructions included.

Fancy 3 Bone Call
Louder call good for locating. This collector's piece is signed with datee inscribed on bone ring. Lanyard & instructions included.

Carry a 2 & 3 bone to cover every calling situation. Enjoy the satisfaction of calling in a gobbler using America's first turkey calls.

Silver Calls

Custom hand Turned Strikers

Made one at a time. Every striker turned has been put on a call.

Purpleheart - Loud, raspy high pitch on Glass; Loud throaty on Slate.

Fishtail Oak -
Smooth, excited notes; good purrs & cutts, consistent, sharp loud cutts on Glass. Great on Slate. Good break on Aluminum.

White Hickory -
High pitch rasp, good purrs; great Cutts, consistent, sharp loud cutts on Glass. clear good notes on slate.

Locust -
Super high pitch, raspy on Glass. Good purrs on slate & Glass. Great for KeeKees.

Bubina Rosewood -
Loud & raspy, good cutts on Glass & Slate, consistent on Aluminum.

Cam Wood -
Beautiful wood; high pitch, good yelps on both Glass & Slate. Good purrs, clucks & cutts.

Birds Eye Maple - Raspy, great purrs & cutts on glass & slate. Great on aluminum.

- A South American Rosewood. This striker is super on both glass & slate.
Zebrawood -
Shines on a slate call, high-pitch, an excellent 'locating' striker.

Klaat -
High pitched, smooth, clear on glass.

Ash -
Easy to use, consistent, good breaks; smoth transition from high to low rasps on glass calls.

Big J -
high pitch, clear with little rasp, loud sharp cutts, good purrs on glass. Good yelps, high pitch on slate. Good locator striker.
Silver Custom Glass over Slate

Danny silver's glass over slate call is like a fine cut jewel. Custom hand work is evident throughout. The concave indention of the pot rim makes this call very to hold on your fingertips. Sound chamber is slate under glass. Each walnut pot is signed, dated & numbed. Comes with matched flare tip striker.

Limited Supply

SKYLINE Apparition Green
Turkey Season is a green foliage season for many hunters. South, East & Midwest – much of the season takes place when ‘leaves are on’. Skyline Apparition Green™ may be the first camo pattern specifically designed for those foliage conditions. It is a true 3-Dimensional pattern featuring light areas of background as well as darker tree trunks, saplings, and branches. Spring green leaves; maple, oak & elm, add incredible realism. Proven in the Spring woods to fool the wariest gobbler and the hens ahead of him.

Talking Stick Calls
Talkin' Stick Strikers

Two tone yelp. Good clucks & purrs.

Good striker for cutts, clucks & purrs.

East Indies Rosewood..........#TS6

Semi raspy; nice 2 tone yelp.


High-pitch yelps, Good for KeeKee Run.


Semi raspy good all around striker, beautiful wood.

Hunter's Striker

Great rasp, sharp cutts & purrs. Will run on all calling surfaces. This striker comes with our friction calls.

Hunter's Glass over Glass

All Talkin' Stick calls are individually hand crafted & tested. If we wouldn't hunt with it, you won't. Our glass call is highly sensitive to the caller's touch. Raspy yelps with beautiful rollover & cutts that are second to none. Includes striker.

Hunter's Slate over Glass

Hunter's Slate will give a caller the entire range of the hen's voice including raspy yelps, great clucks & seductive purrs. Includes striker.

Hunter's Aluminum

Similiar to our Slate Call. High-pitch tones. Great for the KeeKee Run. Includes striker.

By Earl Mickel

Earl Mickel deserves a round of applause. He has done a great favor for everyone who enjoys using and collecting turkey calls. That favor comes in the form of his recently published book, Turkey Callmakers Past and Present. Earl's own words from the Introduction of this book describes it best: ìIt is with pleasure that I bring you my second book on turkey calls and the fascinating people who fashion them. My first book in 1994, Turkey Callmakers Past and Present: Mickís Picks was first puublished on this truly American folk art. It set the standard, is highly acclaimed, and is accepted and often referred to as the bible on turkey calls.

Mickels' first book is sold out and unavailable. Call today to reserve your copy of his new book, Turkey Callmakers Past and Presentî. It is without a doubt the most thorough and fascinating book ever published on turkey calls and turkey call makers. Hardcover. 264 pages. 24 full color pages illustrating over 600 turkey calls. Over 200 call makers interviewed with black and white photos on each page.


“Shame Those Hens”! White Hunter Game Calls is proud to present the all new Hustlin’ Hen box call to the turkey call enthusiast. Specially designed after twelve years research on box calls. Our main objective is to produce the most productive box call on the market today. The Hustlin Hen box call will create the most seductive and exciting turkey hen sounds ever produced for the turkey call market. The unique handle design provides complete control. Each Hustlin’ Hen box call produces the most realistic old hen yelps-with super rasp-as well as soft or loud young hen yelps-exciting fly down cackles, cutts and clucks. Easy to use for the beginner or experienced turkey hunter.


This slate call will give the ultimate performance in a friction call. The design of this call is diferent from any slate call on the market. The exceptional quality tone the "Alabama Cackler" produces is created by a patented sound chamber. Each "Alabama Cackler" is hand tuned. It is very good on long range calling or locating birds during the middle of the day when hunting is tough. The "Alabama Cackler" will call whisper soft or as loud as needed without losing or distorting the intended sound. The main objective of this call is to provide the most cosistent slate call ever produced. The "Alabama Cackler" will produce all the true sounds of a hen turkey. The authentic "tree call" and "fly down cackler" this slate produces is exceptional.


White Hunter Game Calls presents the all new Raspy Glass® and Raspy Slate® wild turkey friction calls to the market. These calls have a unique sound chamber made from select wood which produces the best sound qualities-from sweet to very raspy- for calling wild turkeys. Each call is professionally tested and tuned to guarantee tone quality. Easy to use for the beginner or experienced turkey hunter.

From Lil’ Jenny Game Calls
"Bird In The Bush"
If you like the cutt’n run method of turkey hunting, then pass this call up, it’s not for you. But if you favor the long term set-up in a strut zone, travel path or field edge, maybe from a blind with decoys set out, then take a closer look.

The "Bird in the Bush" will add a critical element of turkey reality to your decoys-voice. Not voice from 30 yds away up against a tree, but voice from beneath the decoy.

"Bird in the Bush" hass fold-up, wooden ground mount spikes to position it under your decoy. A 20 yd length of monoflament, attached to the friction block, allows you to make calls from your set-up. Excellent purrs & clucks, bring him in on a string. Also can be used as a hand held caller.

Scratch Box Type Friction Callers
Morgan’s Friction Wood Caller

The quality sounds from the friction of wood against wood are familiar to most turkey hunters who use box calls and scratch boxes. The Frictionwood Caller has that quality sound and more however, it operates like a peg and slate. The sound surface has been carefully routed and finished from a single block of fine wood with a hand turned corncob/hardwood striker. Chalk is used for friction and it is stored in the hollowed out corncob top capped with a cork. It will send out the most beautiful clucks, purrs and yelps of both hens and gobblers. The quaver of a young hen will cause gobblers to throw caution aside, and the frictionwood is the only caller that makes this sound perfectly. Also includes striker for use as a scratch box call.

The Super Yelper

Hand-crafted from finest southern cedar of walnut. this call, with proper care, will last a life-time. ADVANTAGES: smallest, lightest weight box call on the market. Weighs less than one ounce and is small enough to fit into your shirt pocket, easy to carry. Produces a full range of turkey talk. Carries long distances to simulate those far-off toms. Very easy call to master, easy for even the beginner to use. Absolutely noise-proof, except in use.

Pocket Hen-Single Blade Box Call

A variation of one of the earliest Virginia-type turkey calls, the Harn Pocket Hen is built of native cedar in combination with other native woods. Each call is carefully hand finished, sealed against moisture, and then pre-chalked, matched and personally hand tuned.

With its intricate balance between tone chamber configuration and wood thickness, this small box call may be unsurpassed among friction calls for duplicating the delicately resonate voice of the turkey hen. Over the years, it has proven to be extremely effective in attracting even the most hesitant of gobblers. The Harn Pocket Hen will accurately produce excited yelps and cackles, as well as a variety of clucks, whines, and purrs. Yet, its small size hides a big voice that remains clear at long distance.

Scratch box set-purpleheart & mahogany

Both collectors & hunters will appreciate this matched set of long chamber scratch boxes from Lil’ Jenny Turkey Calls. The specific design is unique to callmaker, Steve Lawson.

The Mahogany box is very raspy on the yelps & good on cutting. The purpleheart box is sweet raspy and opens up well on the yelp.

New Laser Engraved Super Yelper Turkey Calls
'The Signature Series Super Yelper'
Hand-crafted from finest southern cedar or walnut. This call with proper care will last a life-time. ADVANTAGES: smallest, lightest weight box call on the market. Weighs less than one ounce and is small enough to fit into your shirt pocket, easy to carry. Produces a full range of turkey talk. Carries long diatances to simulate those far-off toms. Very easy call to master, easy for even the beginner to use. Absolutely noise-proof, except in use.

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