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  Hook's Custom Calls Sassy Gal 2 Diaphragm Call

Hooks Sassy Gal 2 was designed by Don Shipp, 3 time World Turkey Calling Champion. This series is capable of reproducing super realistic turkey sounds. The unique cut in the top reed combined with the finest materials available gives this line of calls the capability of producing the full range of turkey talk. From clucking & purring to aggressive cutting & yelping, the Sassy Gal will do it. All Hooks Custom Diaphragm Calls are constructed through a unique process. Each call is mechanically stretched for absolute consistency. The size of the tape is unique to Hooks Custom Calls. The construction process is like no other in the industry, requiring considerable more time to build each call, resulting in a very user friendly diaphragm call.



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Hook's Custom Calls Sassy Gal 2 Diaphragm Call, 1 $5.95

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