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MIDWEST 2018 Limited Edition Box Call - Summer Hen & Poults


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MIDWEST's 2018 Limited Edition Double Sided Box Call, 'Summer' Hen & Poults celebrates a good hatch - that annual uncertainty on the minds of turkey hunters after the spring gobbler season has ended. For your collection, or to hunt - this is a good sounding box call.

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Although not a hunting time of year, summer is for back road drives, checking fields and food plots for family flocks to gauge the success of the spring hatch and the prospects for future turkey hunting in the area.

This solid body box call from Close Calls' Ronnie Clough, features two favorite American hardwoods, a Black Cherry lid and a Bird's Eye Maple body. These two woods combine for a pleasing color contrast and also a contrast in turkey tones. Finish coats ensure protection and add beauty. Lid drawing and sideboard are by MIDWEST's George Lozzi. Each box is numbered, dated and signed by Ron Clough and George Lozzi. Limited to 125 calls.