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Midwest 2019 Limited Edition Box Call 'Winter Gobbler'


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MIDWEST's 2019 Limited Edition Double Sided Box Call, 'Winter Gobbler' features a single gobbler finding shelter from the elements in the wind protection of a Cottonwood Bottom.  Crows gather in a tree nearby and a 'V' of geese flies overhead. Side board shows a group of gobblers traveling a deer trail through a stream crossing, and up to an oak flat.

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Finding food is paramount this time of year, as is keeping a sharp eye out for predators, like the coyote watching the group from down the ridge.

This solid body box call from Close Calls' Ronnie Clough, is built of Eastern Red Cedar. Finish coats ensure protection and add beauty. Lid drawing and sideboard art are by MIDWEST'S George Lozzi.  Each box is numbered, dated and signed by Ron Clough & George Lozzi.  Limited to 125 calls. $59.95