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MIDWEST TURKEY CALL SUPPLY has for 33 years, specialized in the instruments of sound used for calling wild turkeys. Similar to musical instruments, turkey calls are made from a variety of natural and synthetic materials. The cost can be a little or a lot depending on the materials, degree of workmanship and scarcity. New hunters often choose to start simply and add higher priced calls to their collection as their experience increases. We offer quality selections at both ends of the the price spectrum. Over 40 callmakers are represented in our current product listing.

TO CALL a wild turkey is to speak with the rhythm of the woods. Volume, tempo and tone are a response to the natural moment at hand. As humans may whisper for privacy, talk fast in excitement or shout sternly in warning; the wild turkey may cluck softly for acknowledgment from a nearby bird, yelp fast and long, when lost from the flock, or putt in a loud sharp manner of warning at the sudden encounter of a predator.

LEARNING TO CALL wild turkeys is not difficult. As conversation between people involve the use of specific tones, volume and words; so does talking to turkeys. Instructional videos, CD's, cassettes and books are available through our catalog. Learn all you can at home, then go to the turkey woods. Bring a good selection of calls. Pay close attention during your time near wild birds. Watch how they talk to each other and try to mimic their calls. It won't be long until you feel the excitement as they talk back to you.

MIDWEST Turkey Call Supply is a phone order (573) 824-5303 and website order company only. If you have any questions about products, please call for additional information.

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