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  • The perfect slate to convince those call shy gobblers. The Genesis Slate offers a clear and sweet front that breaks to nasal rasp. Easy to operate at all volume levels from locating yelps to seductive purrs and clucks.

  • Four years in the making of this call. It is useful in some really rough hunting conditions. The Jake Pot is designed and built to give the deep, throaty yelps of a jake. When the Toms are henned up you need to be calling hens to you so they bring Mr. Big with them. Hens respond to this call really well, even...

  • NEW RELEASEIn 2008 Tom Kelly Inc produced an “all turkey” book of essays, which included 34 chapters devoted to turkey hunting. These chapters came from Tom Kelly’s early books. Tom continued to write and published 9 more books through 2017. THE BEST OF TOM KELLY II contains 29 Wild Turkey chapters from those new volumes.  

  • Durable and comfortable! Features 8 pockets : 2 front slash, 2 rear, 2 double button, flap closure leg-side bellow pockets, one zippered chest pocket and one snap closure chest pocket. These bibs are great for storing and organizing your hunting gear. Mossy Oak Country - 6 oz. 60% cotton/ 40% polyester twill. Non-insulated. Made by Walls Industries.

  • TRANSPORTS AND PROTECTS YOUR TURKEY FANS PROTECT YOUR REAL TURKEY FAN FROM DAMAGE! One of the best ways to make your full-strut decoy look real and bring a big tom in close is to use a real turkey fan. Turkey Tail Saver makes it practical and easy to improve your odds by using a real gobbler fan. Read more below.  

  • AVAILABLE IN FOUR DIFFERENT AMOUNTS! Better than a wish list! Your MIDWEST gift certificate will enable the turkey hunter in your family, your friend or work associate to order from the wide selection of Custom Calls, Books, DVDs, camo clothing - any item on our website. We request that the gift certificate be used within one year of purchase date.

  • No best sellers at this time.
  • Keg styled owl call used for locating turkeys or crow hunting.  Fashioned out of Mahogany.  This hooter will give a subtle and full owl hoot of the barred owl.  Handmade with a built-in lanyard.  3.5" x 1.75" 

  • The Alpha Pack contains 3 diaphragms that are designed to help beginning callers learn how to call while allowing more advanced callers ease of use. All three calls in this pack are capable of a wide range of turkey sounds.

  • The new Banshee is a 3.25" crystal surface with aluminum soundboard. The top 3/4 of the pot is Cherry and the entire bottom is Walnut. Great sound. The Banshee's aggressive yelps and cutts are all turkey. Designed and hand turned by Friction Calling Champion Steve Morgenstern. Includes Purpleheart rod striker.

  • The new Boss is a 3.5" slate call with a slate soundboard. The top 3/4 of the pot is Osage and the bottom is Walnut. This easy and consistent playing slate call offers long-range raspy yelps, and tones down for soft yelps, purrs and clucks. Designed and hand turned by Friction Calling Champion Steve Morgenstern. Includes Purpleheart rod striker.

  • Slate friction calls are the most used friction calls for spring turkey hunting. Hunters like the mellow yelps that effortlessly roll off the slate surface. Slate can be combined with other materials to provide you with many different sounds so you don't just sound like another hen talking. This Slate over Glass offers a sharp and crisp nasal yelp and...

  • At WoodHaven, we are proud to announce an additional crystal call into our lineup of friction pot calls. The "Ninja Crystal" is built into a Walnut pot with a Yellowheart soundboard & offers a very true to life turkey sound. This call comes with 2 hand-matched strikers, our new Yellowheart/Walnut 'Ninja Stick" & a Hickory Striker, offering each hunter the...