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  • With a slightly different profile, this ribbed rim Yellowheart double glass is the same design of call used by Pat Strawser to win the Friction Division Calling Championship at the NWTF Grand Nationals, Masters and US Open, plus the D. D. Adams Award in 2007 and 2008. Includes a two piece Mahogany/Purpleheart rod striker. Signed by Pat Strawser.

  • The ash slate over glass from Lights Out custom calls is dyed to a "weathered wood" appearance.  This is done to highlight the distinct grain of an acoustically unique American hardwood that might otherwise be overlooked due to it's natural light color. 

  • Hand built and designed by champion caller Jesse Martin. This loose stretch combo cut allows you to be very versatile with any turkey vocabulary. From Kees to cutts and excited yelps, you will bring Carnage in the turkey woods.

  • The Ninja Venom features 3 reeds (a top green over 2 proph. ) with a cut that's easy to control. Transitions from clear front note to nasally, raspy back end of a yelp.

  • Osage Signature Hootin' Stick  This version of the Harrison Hoot'n Stick is hand turned and signed by 5 time Grand National Owl Hooting Champion James Harrison. This call is made of Osage that James burnt with a torch to highlight and darken the natural grain of the wood.  James tuned each call personally to ensure the best owl sounds possible.

  •  Osage Slate - 1st place 2016 NWTF Sactioned Midwest Competition & 3rd place NWTF Grand Nationals. A richly grained Osage slate that breaks fast to a nasal rasp. Produces great hollow popping  clucks, cutts & yelps. The Osage slate is smooth running and raspy breaking. Hanks slates are a step up in custom quality and sound. Each call comes with a two...

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  • MADE OF LIGHTWEIGHT, BREATHABLE, DURABLE DURA-LITE! The Dura-Lite Technical Turkey Pant can hold a box call, slate call, and a striker so you can quickly grab your most trusted calls. these accessory pockets are placed on the right thigh so they are easy to access from both a seated or standing position. Mossy Oak NWTF Obsession Camo

  • AWARD WINNING DESIGN - Mossy Oak NWTF Obsession Camo The I-Beam 2.0 Turkey Vest is designed to be the most intuitive vest on the market.  Our unique "Time & Motion" pocket design saves time and minimizes motion required to access your gear. Adjustable chest/waist straps to accommodate all adult sizes. Mossy Oak NWTF Obsession Camo.

  • New From Close Calls - "PURPLE REIGN."  Purpleheart pot and comes with not one but TWO strikers!   A flat head thin purple heart peg...and the JUST OFF the call makers work bench "Purple Reign" Striker...a brother to his uniquely shaped Hickory "PHOENIX" is a combo hard to beat for your turkey woods.

  • THIS JUST IN...Close Calls has added to it's line of great strikers a new one...the "PURPLE REIGN."  Identical in the unique shape of their very popular "PHOENIX" hickory striker with the FAT HEAD & thin peg style.  But this bad boy is made from super hard RAIN FOREST PURPLE HEART.  A wood known for it's ability to RUN virtually ANY pot call surface with...

  • New For 2017 - Signed by Author, Tom Kelly Colonel Kelly brings us another classic volume of essays with UNFADED ROSES, Tom reminisces about the beginning of his timber career and takes his TENTH LEGION of turkey hunters through his full Spring season for 2012. There is a chapter on grave yard discoveries and several new short stories from the "poet...

  • Brossie® "Original Triple" Caller The Original Triple is a three (3) reed, hand bent, stacked frame diaphragm caller with three (3) aluminum frames individually contoured to fit in the roof of your mouth.  Its unique contoured form provides a more natural and comfortable fit in your mouth, and allows the caller to seal better in the top of your mouth.