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  • WoodHaven Cherry Classic Crystal

    Crystal Calls

    A Favorite Friction Choice for Aggressive, Raspy Hen Yelps!

  • Turkey Decoys


  • Seats and Ground Blinds for Comfort and Concealment

    Seats and Ground Blinds

    Seats and Ground Blinds for Comfort and Concealment

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  • Teaser's Quick Sack

    Teaser's Quick Sack

    Organize Your Calls & Gear

  • The Powerhouse Rasp of Glass is Great for Gobbler Locating

    Glass Calls

    The Powerhouse Rasp of Glass is Great for Gobbler Locating

  • Conquer the Call - USB Mouth Call Version

    Now In Stock

    Conquer the Call - USB Mouth Call Version

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  • Owl Calls

    Owl Hooters

    Award Winning Owl Hooters for Locating at Dawn and Dusk

  • Coarse & Raspy Boxes, Traditional Trumpet Yelpers

    Turpin Custom Game Calls

    Coarse & Raspy Boxes
    Traditional Trumpet Yelpers

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    Bargain Shed

    Sale Items, Special Purchase, Clearance

  • Fan and Beard Displays

    Fan and Beard Displays

    Display your fans from spring in one of these hardwood trophy mounts

  • Turkey Choke Tubes


  • You can match the pose of the decoy to the situation. Two leg pole slots will change the position of the hen decoy to a feeding pose or looker pose. The head position can be fine tuned as its wire construction allows hunters to change the pose. Feather cuts flutter in a breeze and provide a life-like soft edge to the profile.

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  • It's time to get those old turkey beards out of the drawer and off your dash board! Features include: • Made from native American wood • Laser engraved • Adjustable wall mount • Holds multiple beards • Easy to insert, just slide in with or without glue. 10.875" x 2.375" x 1"

  • THE ORIGINAL! THIS CALL REALLY WORKS! Red Wolfe's Original Gobble Call produces the most realistic, versatile gobble calls. Easy to use. Satisfaction guaranteed! Proven success for over 30 years. The Red Wolfe World Champion Gobble Call is an excellent locator. 

  • Designed for the single purpose of gobbling, this box gobbles like no other.  You will be amazed at the sounds created.  Walnut sides and Oak lid.  Measures 7.5" L x 2.5" W.  A rubber band for tension is secured at two slots in base.  The Double Gobble Box was designed and patented by Ben Lee in 1982.

  • VERY EASY TO USE - GREAT SOUND! MIDWEST has stocked this call for over 30 years and it continues to be a good seller that brings gobblers in. Cedar Hill President, Jerry Antley of Downsville, La. offers a beautiful, laser engraved version of the famous call.  Includes instructions.Two calls are used in photo to show different angles of the call. Price...

  • EASY TO OPERATE AND ALL TURKEY! Red Acrylic soundboard. Mellow, throaty tones.Unique, patented, one-hand friction call gives yelps, clucks, purrs, tree calls and aggressive purrs. Use two hands for kee kees and cackles.

  • BUILT BY HAND ON A COMPETITION PRESS! The Country Girl has awesome raspy hen yelps and makes some of the best excited cutting you will hear. It goes from soft to loud with its blend of reeds. 2 latex and 1 prophylactic.

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