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  • TWO NOTCHES IN GHOST CUT GIVE EXTRA RASP! Grand National Champion Caller Billy Yargus' The Final Touch is a triple reed with a ghost cut in the heavier top gray reed. To top it off, Billy adds two small notches in the back to get that extra rasp. Creates great high pitched yelps and cuts for a 'Final Touch'. Also produces super kee kees and allows you to...

  • TRADITIONAL FALL CALL! GREAT FOR SPRING TOO! The Quaker Boy Kee Kee Diaphragm call features two thin reeds. Easy to use. Great for both spring and fall hunting. A top selling diaphragm call year after year. 

  • LEARN FROM DENNY GULVAS 4X US OPEN WINNER! Gulvas Fall Turkey Hunting DVD is an interesting & informative step by step adventure featuring techniques & tactics unique to fall turkey hunting. Denny takes you into the fall woods to experience exciting, heart-stopping actual hunting segments to hear the calls made by wild turkeys themselves! Two Hours

  • "Gary Sefton's book 'Lessons Learned From The Magnificent Bird' is as entertaining as it is enlightening. He is one of the true turkey legends, as soft-spoken as he is country-boy funny and his knowledge of the wild turkey is far-reaching. ....

  • EXCELS IN ALL TURKEY TALK! This 3 reed call excels in all turkey talk.Great raspy sounds of a boss hen plus spot on kee kees of a young hen. Jim Pollard's favorite go to call.A member of Pollard's Black N Blue diaphragm call series.

  • PURPLEHEART WOOD CONSTRUCTION! Richard Schively was the 2006 NWTF Award Winner Best of Class ''Jeremiah Stevens Award Winner' The Super Yelper Purpleheart Scratch Box is the newest addition to the Super Yelper family of calls and offers a high pitch, raspy yelp and is great for purrs and clucks. The raspy tone is good for cutting too.  With proper care,...

  • LEARN FROM AN EARLY LEGEND! The Wild Turkey and Its Hunting by McIlhenny was first published in 1914. This how-to book covers natural history, hunting methods, calls, guns, dogs, cooking and strategies of the early 1900's. This is an exact photographic reproduction of the original works published in 1984 by Old Masters Publishers. 17 chapters, 245 pages,...

  • DEVELOPED FOR KEE KEES BUT WILL YELP AND CUTT TOO! This radical striker design (8.5'' long and extra narrow) was developed especially for producing the kee kee on your slate, glass or aluminum, but it will yelp and cutt with the best. $24.95 each.

  • TWO PLAYING SURFACES! VERY COURSE RASPY YELPS! Rohm Brothers Double Slate Call features a 4'' top side for better volume. It produces coarse hen or gobbler yelps, purrs, clucks and cuts. Switch it over and the small slate surface is great for gobbler clucks. Includes a one piece wooden striker. 

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  • Tom Kelly's Latest Book!   A Great Gift Idea! Tom Kelly gives us 9 more chapters!  And he continues the themes of his previous 21 books. In this collection Tom explores the future of the Wild Turkey, the hunt and the habitat, which means the timber industry to Tom. "No Place To Hide " is a fine example of Tom Kelly's thought process at 88 years young.