• 2016 MIDWEST Turkey Call Supply Catalog



    2017 CATALOG

  • Turkey Decoys


  • Seats and Ground Blinds for Comfort and Concealment
  • Teaser's Quick Sack

    Teaser's Quick Sack

    Organize Your Calls & Gear

  • Hats


    The Final Details of Concealment

  • The Powerhouse Rasp of Glass is Great for Gobbler Locating

    Glass Calls

    The Powerhouse Rasp of Glass is Great for Gobbler Locating

  • gamehide elimitick

  • Nomad
  • 10X


    New Design

    Ultra-Lite System

    3.2 oz. Ripstop

  • Ol' Tom

    Ol' Tom




    Specific Function Pockets

  • Causal and Camo T-Shirts
  • Hunting Vests
  • Pat Strawser Calls
  • New Yellowheart/Walnut Ninja Stick from WoodHaven
  • Turkey Choke Tubes


  •  MIDWEST's best selling owl hooter. The original Harrison Hoot'n Stick -  This reeded owl hooter is a replica of James Harrison's favorite competition owl hooter. The design offers a user friendly call that accurately reproduces the sounds of a Barred owl. American Black Walnut barrel.

  • Holly striker side. Tigerwood box and striker. Mature Hen/Gobbler sound. Deeper tone, coarse yelps. Subtle, hollow clucks. 4.75"X1.5"X1"

  • NEW 2017 From his body posture and head position to his wing and tail placement, to the spread and positioning of his individual feathers, this decoy is telling the tragic tale of a young gobbler living dangerously outside of the pecking order. He is trying to establish his dominance, but has yet to fully learn fear.

  • With a slightly different profile, this ribbed rim Yellowheart double glass is the same design of call used by Pat Strawser to win the Friction Division Calling Championship at the NWTF Grand Nationals, Masters and US Open, plus the D. D. Adams Award in 2007 and 2008. Includes a two piece Mahogany/Purpleheart rod striker. Signed by Pat Strawser.

  • Aggressive head on one side, passive head on the other. • Flexible EVA construction • Aggressive red head on one side • Passive blue head on the other • Motion stake and carry bag included • Fabric fan included (or real turkey fan (not included) can be used as illustrated in photo above)

  • This tube call design from Larry Gresser of Prairie Calls includes a lanyard and extra reeds. African Blackwood is a favorite for woodwind musical instruments because of its density and fine grain. The wood is durable and has a pleasing natural luster. Tube measures 3" x 1.25".

  • No best sellers at this time.