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  • LEARN FROM DENNY GULVAS 4X US OPEN WINNER! Gulvas Fall Turkey Hunting DVD is an interesting & informative step by step adventure featuring techniques & tactics unique to fall turkey hunting. Denny takes you into the fall woods to experience exciting, heart-stopping actual hunting segments to hear the calls made by wild turkeys themselves! Two Hours

  • GREAT FOR SPRING AND FALL! Cane Creek Lost Poult Diaphragm Call features high pitched KeeKees followed by perfect yelps. It takes very little air pressure to blow. One of Midwest's #1 selling Fall Diaphragms, but also a great call for Spring.

  • JOIN RAY AT HIS FALL TURKEY HUNTING CAMP! 'Legends of the Fall' is an action packed, instructional fall turkey hunting DVD that celebrates our rich hunting heritage and pays tribute to those before us who passed the hunting torch on to the next generation. Join Ray at his fall turkey hunting camp fire as he takes you along during each hunt while teaching...

  • 2.5 Reed Ghost Cut - Great raspy call for beginners or advanced callers.  Super hen yelps and kee kees. 

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    The shape blends in. The price stands out New for 2016 - Truth® Camo - Built with Double Bull® quality. Shaped to mimic the natural angles of the woods. Shack Attack® sets up in seconds with a lightweight, two-hub construction and an ultra-wide door. So you get in fast and blend in even faster.

    $199.95 $229.95
  • DEVELOPED FOR KEE KEES BUT WILL YELP AND CUTT TOO! This radical striker design (8.5'' long and extra narrow) was developed especially for producing the kee kee on your slate, glass or aluminum, but it will yelp and cutt with the best. $24.95 each. Dymondwood Version.

  • TWO PLAYING SURFACES! VERY COURSE RASPY YELPS! Rohm Brothers Double Slate Call features a 4'' top side for better volume. It produces coarse hen or gobbler yelps, purrs, clucks and cuts. Switch it over and the small slate surface is great for gobbler clucks. Includes a one piece wooden striker. 

  • Now in stock. The sound of two bucks' antlers crashing and grinding together during battle is a deadly call during all phases of the whitetail rut.  This is why it is essential for a deer hunter to have this call easily accessible at all times.  With the ProFLEX Rattlebag System, WoodHaven has designed a very realistic system to produce authentic sounds...

  • FALL FRICTION STANDOUT. For FALL TURKEY HUNTING the kee disc is unmatched among friction calls, at reproducing the Kee Kee Run of the juvenile hen or gobbler. Run the striker in the center of the call for convincing adult gobbler yelps. BACK SIDE of Kee Disc gives super realistic purrs and clucks. Includes 2 different wood strikers so you can choose what...

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  • Makes a Great Gift! Turkey season only comes around once a year (twice if you are a Fall hunter), but you can admire these beautiful birds all year long with this 2017 wall calendar featuring a dozen images of wild turkeys, each paired with a fact about this unique bird.

  • This grunt tube is designed to be an easy blowing call.  It takes very little exhalation force to produce the grunts of a buck, and can be toned down for soft calling if desired.  It is made with solid Cherry barrel and an adjustable O-Ring, and an adjustable tube to produce an old buck grunt to a doe and fawn bleat. 

  • Easy to handle and operate, the bowling pin design body is turned from figured Maple. Cork mouthpiece. This yelper has the capability to make all the components of a three note turkey yelp, popping clucks and urgent kee kees.

  • Developed by James Harrison.  Hook's Custom Calls and the GrowingDeer Team spent months studying hundreds of trail camera videos of grunting bucks.  This research of free-ranging bucks was the basis for the sound, tone, and volume of the Messenger Grunt Call.