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    H.S. Strut Gun Rest keeps your hands free to use your slate or box call. The unique foam pad straps around your knee and holds your shotgun in place until you are ready for a shot. Can also be used by hunters who need a steady place to set their high-powered rifles for that long shot. Elastic strap releases quickly.

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    GREAT FOR SPRING AND FALL! Cane Creek Lost Poult Diaphragm Call features high pitched KeeKees followed by perfect yelps. It takes very little air pressure to blow. One of Midwest's #1 selling Fall Diaphragms, but also a great call for Spring.

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    This call has three reeds of latex, along with a small cut at the top of the ghost cut on the top reed. A great all around call with easy kee-kee’s & hard easy yelping and cutting. The small cut in the top of the ghost cuts helps the call not be so clear and creating roll over in the yelp. Read More Below:

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    The Suzie Snood Slate Call is a combination of our Famous Suzie Snood pot with a slate striking surface over a glass sounding board

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