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  • Designed by 2018 NWTF Georgia State Friction Division Champion, Richard Gunn, this glass call has a real life hen sound that makes it effective for calling longbeards in the spring or convincing judges from the stage. Yelps open easily to a nasal hen rasp and run true each time. Clucks and purrs are authentic. Includes a 2 piece Diamondwood rod striker.

  • The Zebrawood Rusty Barrel is two calls in one. The large slate surface gives forceful, high pitched to raspy breaking yelps, making it great for locating. The smaller anodized aluminum surface has a different hen-voice personality, with a lower pitch yelp, spot-on popping clucks and cutts and a great aggressive fighting purr. Read More Below:

  • New Reprint of a Turkey Classic During his life, Gene Nunnery was recognized as a master turkey hunter and an artisan who crafted unique, almost irresistible turkey calls. In The Old Pro Turkey Hunter, this historically acclaimed  sportsman shares over fifty years of personal experience along with the decades-old wisdom of the huntsmen who taught him....

  • Choose from the high pitched excitement of glass or the subtle temptation of slate, both from the same call! This versatile call is made with crystal on the front and Pennsylvania slate on the back. It is built in a Laminate pot of Walnut & Mahogany. Includes a hardwood striker with a stone conditioner mounted to the top for texturing the glass side, and...

  • This is a new three-piece handmade box turkey call. The call is made of a Walnut bottom and a one piece Mahogany box with a laser engraved Purpleheart paddle. The sounds are natural yelps, as well as, sharp, crisp cutts and cackles. This versatile call helps turkey hunters call both soft or with big volume. The call comes pre-chalked and hand tuned.

  • This slate offers a balanced yelp from a high front to a full and nasal raspy finish. Coupled with the nicely colored and grained Bullet Tree wood, Lonzo's Green Slate is everything a caller and collector could ask for in a high quality, great sounding slate call. Includes a Dymondwood rod striker and drawstring felt pouch. Signed and dated.