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  • FALL FRICTION STANDOUT BUT A SPRING SECRET WEAPON! For Spring & Fall turkey hunting, the kee disc is unmatched among friction calls, at reproducing the Kee Kee Run of the juvenile hen or gobbler. Run the striker in the center of this Aluminum call for convincing adult gobbler yelps. BACK SIDE of Kee Disc gives super realistic purrs and clucks. More...

  • UNMATCHED IN TONE & REALISM - INCLUDES 2 STRIKERS The WoodHaven Cluck 'n Purr Pot features a revolutionary two-pot system creating a baffled air chamber that produces some of the most realistic, throaty tones that are 'real turkey'. The Purr Pot excels at soft calling-purrs, clucks and light yelps for tree calls, contentment calls or close in calling....

  • New from Lights Out Custom Calls - These Grunt Tubes depart from the flexible, accordion tube design and are turned by hand in three separate pieces.  The 2 piece body of the call is turned from nicely colored Sycamore and separated by a Walnut Ring.  Read More Below:

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