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  • This version of the Harrison Hoot'n Stick is hand tuned and signed by 5 time Grand National Owl Hooting Champion James Harrison. James tunes each call personally to ensure the best owl sounds possible. Designed to be user friendly and realistic sounding, the Harrison Hoot'n Stick will be an asset both on the contest stage and in the woods.

  • 3" diameter surface with glass soundboard. This call is made from Rosewood with beautiful grain appearance and coloration throughout the call. Great sound built in and matched with a Jatoba striker, which is hand turned and finished. Call bag included. See more information below...

  • 100% Ambrosia Maple version of Tennessee call maker, Eric 'Grizz' Crouse's Friction Wood Call. Natural toned with clear-breaking yelps, and easily accessible and spot-on clucks and purrs. Includes hand turned cherry striker, integral lanyard, and surface protecting, Ambrosia Maple plate, secured in non-use with .5" diameter rubber band, plus chalk,...

  • Made from 100% heavyweight cotton camo fabric. It has 4 pockets that will accommodate both one-piece and two-piece strikers. Top flap is secured with small, quiet Velcro closures. This pouch is compact and folds in half, protecting your strikers while allowing you to carry them in the field in your pocket, turkey satchel or turkey vest. Does not include...

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