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  • New 2018 The new "Anodized Ninja" pot call has all the great attributes our customers have come to expect from WoodHaven. It is built with a Yellowheart pot with a treated black anodized aluminum surface which is extremely user friendly. More Information Below:

  • Choose from the high-pitched, raspy excitement of glass or the subtle temptation of slate, both from the same call! This versatile call is made with glass on the front and Pennsylvania Slate on the back. The Hunter Model is coated with a Tru-Grip, non-slip finish that allows you to grip the call, even with gloves. More Information Below:

  • Chestnut is an exceptional wood for acoustics and these characteristics contribute to the quality tone of this slate over glass call. Both woods originated on the Strawser family farm in Central PA. The Chestnut was recovered from early 1900 era buildings, dating the wood to the middle 1800's. Includes a two piece Mahogany/Purpleheart rod striker. Signed...

  • All Calls Are Handmade and Assembled by David Halloran David Halloran's  Metal Mouth Crystal features a concave aluminum soundboard set in a Padauk and Walnut pot. The design of the metallic soundboard makes for nasty yelps with effortless rollover. This innovative acoustical design is a hunter's and collector's favorite.  More Information Below:

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