• 100% Ambrosia Maple version of Tennessee call maker, Eric 'Grizz' Crouse's Friction Wood Call. Natural toned with clear-breaking yelps, and easily accessible and spot-on clucks and purrs. Includes hand turned cherry striker, integral lanyard, and surface protecting, Ambrosia Maple plate, secured in non-use with .5" diameter rubber band, plus chalk,...

  • This  laminate green slate features a Peruvian Walnut, Zebrawood and Poplar laminate pot. Each call is paired with a two piece striker to produce the most realistic cutts, yelps and purrs. The call will be a great addition to any vest. Another great field proven call from David Halloran. All Calls Are Handmade and Assembled by D.D. Adams Award winning...

  • Tuned to the sounds of an adult hen, this trumpet call by Daryal Gosey is made from Osage Orange capped with Bocote, for a beautiful contrasting wood color combination. The delrin mouthpiece has a brass lining. 7.5" total length.

  • New 2019 Slate playing surface, Hanks Sweet Talker creates super realistic soft yelps, clucks and purrs. Two piece striker included. Great for purrs & clucks in competition calling, and for the final persuasion of a hung-up longbeard.   More Information Below:

  • NOTHING PROTECTS LIKE LEATHER! Designed for the Halloran box call, this leather holster will accommodate most medium standard size box calls. Measures 7" deep x 2½" square. 2" x 1" inside fleece strips cushion box call. Price is for single box call holster - photo gives 2 views of same holster. 

  • This "double thickness padded" high quality SADDLE LEATHER HOLSTER offers an extra degree of protection for your favorite long box caller, whether in the field or using for safe storage.  Read More Below:

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