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  • Ol Tom I-Beam 2.0 - Bottomland

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    Teaser's Quick Sack

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  • The Powerhouse Rasp of Glass is Great for Gobbler Locating

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    The Powerhouse Rasp of Glass is Great for Gobbler Locating

  • Conquer the Call - USB Mouth Call Version

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    Conquer the Call - USB Mouth Call Version

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    The shape blends in. The price stands out New for 2016 - Truth® Camo - Built with Double Bull® quality. Shaped to mimic the natural angles of the woods. Shack Attack® sets up in seconds with a lightweight, two-hub construction and an ultra-wide door. So you get in fast and blend in even faster.

    $179.36 $229.95 -22%
  • Interactive Software for Turkey Hunters No turkey caller in history has stayed on top of the game like Chris Parrish. His passion for calling and advancing the sport is only matched by his obsession with being in the spring turkey woods.  Each package contains a USB stick for installing the program and a USB microphone.

  • METICULOUSLY TUNED TEAK & PURPLEHEART SOUND! The Turpin Teak & Purpleheart Box Call is made out of a solid piece of Java Teak with an exotic Purpleheart lid.  By design, all Turpin Box Calls are hinged lid boxes with no spring. This allows you to control the lid without it controlling you.

  • UPDATED VERSION OF A TRUE CLASSIC BOX CALL! ''This call was designed and produced by Ben Lee Sr. from 1974 to 1991. It originally came with eyelet screws for rubber bands, when in production by my father. Due to it having a much better yelp with rubber bands not installed, I decided to leave them off, and use one #64 rubber band in its place (stored...

  • ALSO INCLUDES DECOY BAG AND EASY MOTION STAKE!  At 15% smaller than the originals, the next generation of Avian-X LCD decoys are lighter, easier to pack and less aggressive to real hens. Add the increased texture and detailed feather lines and they look even more realistic. 

  • Now in stock. The sound of two bucks' antlers crashing and grinding together during battle is a deadly call during all phases of the whitetail rut.  This is why it is essential for a deer hunter to have this call easily accessible at all times.  With the ProFLEX Rattlebag System, WoodHaven has designed a very realistic system to produce authentic sounds...

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