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  • Crystal over Glass construction. Used for guitars and musical instruments, Bubinga adds its tonal qualities to this crystal built by Lonzo. Powerful and expansive fast-breaking yelps and agitated cuts make it an outstanding locating call, for distance and windy conditions. Bubinga is an African hardwood offering a beautifully striped, fine grain with...

  • Glass over Glass construction. Yelps break fast to high-volume, commanding rasp. Harsh cuts. Easily tones down for soft purrs and clucks. Also known as Macawood, this varying brown colored wood originates in Central and South America, mostly Brazil. The dense nature of the wood gives lively tone qualities to musical instruments. 

  • Glass over glass construction. The yelp has a distinctive high spike at the beginning, then breaks to a seductive nasal rasp. Clucks and cuts are hollow and super realistic. With contrasting bands of tan to dark brown grain, Goncalo Alves is a beautiful wood that is hard and dense. It is native to the tropical rainforest of Brazil.

  • Black Anodized Aluminum over aluminum. Lonzo's Acrylic Aluminum is a versatile call, giving soft, sweet and clear breaking yelps near the edge; blended, clear to raspy yelps a little more towards center, or full raspy yelps at center. Kee kees, and kee-yelp series are easy to run on this call. Acrylic is not effected by moisture and offers crisp and...

  • Lonzo's Padauk Slate is a high-volume call with strong, raspy yelps and intense, sharp cuts.  Slate over Glass construction. Padauk, a native to tropical climates from Africa to India, is an abrasion resistant wood with great strength, durability and rich coloration. Includes felt pouch and diamondwood rod striker. Signed and dated.

  • THE BEST OF TOM KELLY II In 2008 Tom Kelly Inc produced an “all turkey” book of essays, which included 34 chapters devoted to turkey hunting. These chapters came from Tom Kelly’s early books. Tom continued to write and published 9 more books through 2017. THE BEST OF TOM KELLY II contains 29 Wild Turkey chapters from those new volumes.