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    Fan and Beard Displays

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  • NWTF NORSEMAN COMPETITION AWARD WINNING DESIGNThis beautifully grained and finished Padauk pot slate call is a full 7/8" deep, providing ample volume, rasp and a great breaking yelp. A Roost Wrecker slate call took second place at the 2015 NWTF Norseman Call Makers Competition. Includes laminate rod striker.

  • UNIQUE ZIG-ZAG CUSTOM POT DESIGNPennsylvania call maker, Shawn Kotchey has taken his prize winning Reaper Slate Call to a collector level with this new hand-crafted custom call. The Zig Zag pot is built of Walnut and Poplar. Same great sound as the Reaper. Includes Diamondwood rod striker. Signed and dated.

  • Tom Kelly's Latest Book!   A Great Gift Idea! Tom Kelly gives us 9 more chapters!  And he continues the themes of his previous 21 books. In this collection Tom explores the future of the Wild Turkey, the hunt and the habitat, which means the timber industry to Tom. "No Place To Hide " is a fine example of Tom Kelly's thought process at 88 years young.